October 11, 2019     9:30 – 10:30 a.m.    Mabel Hoggard Elementary Playground


Parents and family members,


You are invited to attend the annual Mabel Hoggard Elementary World Dance Festival on October 11, 2019, from 9:30-10:30 a.m. on the Mabel Hoggard Elementary playground.  Students will be performing a folk dance with their grade level.  Please have your child dressed in a costume reflecting the culture they are dancing and representing.  Many costumes can be put together from items found around the house. If you have questions, email me at or ask their classroom teacher.

Thank you for helping make this dance festival a success. We will see you there!

Mrs. Makowski  🙂 

Music Specialist


Region: Equador- South America                                      Dance: El Juego Chirimbolo

History:  This dance originated in Ecuador and is played by young children. Chirimbolo is a nonsense word that refers to some sort of contraption or machine movement. The object is to do it faster each time the game repeats.


Girls: Full, colorful, ruffled skirt, short-sleeved white blouse with embroidered designs on the neckline.

Boys: White or black slacks or jeans, a brightly colored shirt or scarf over their shoulders. Hats are optional.


 First Grade

Region: Germany                                                                                           Dance:  Ach Ja!

History:  This is a proud German peasant dance. The mother and father are walking the children to the fair. They haven’t any money, but what do they care. The students are playing the role of the mother and father.


Girls:  Wear a dress with a flowing skirt and babushkas (Scarfs) tied on their heads below the chin.

Boys: Wear a collared shirt, dark pants rolled up to your knees, long white knees socks, and a tie.

Second Grade

Region:  British Isles                                                                                      Dance:  OXO

History: This dance is named after a tenth century stone found in Dartmoor in the northwest of England. The mysterious markings on the stone form an O, an X, and an O.


Girls:  White blouse, black vest and full skirt.

Boys:  Black pants rolled up to the knee with long black socks, white shirt, and tie or bow tie. Black vest or suspenders are optional.

Third Grade

Region:  France – Gascogny region                                                      Dance:  Los Tachos

History: This is a rhythmic stick dance. The Gascogne language has a Spanish flavor being on the southern border of France. A tacho is a bucket or a pot.


Girls: Black or blue full skirt, black shirt or white shirt with blue or black vest.  Lots of blue and white please. Tennis shoes or shoes appropriate for P.E.

Boys: White or blue shirt with black or blue vest. Black pants rolled up to the knee and long white socks or white pants rolled up to the knee with black socks. Lots of blue, black and white please. Tennis shoes or shoes appropriate for P.E.

Fourth Grade

Region:  Philippines and Rarotonga Islands/Tahiti                   Dance: Tinikling and Hoe Ana

History: The Tinikling dance originated from Leyte island and depicts the flight of the tikling bird as it travels through the rice fields, avoiding bamboo traps. Hoe Ana is a Rarotonga folk song from the islands west of Tahiti, also called Cook islands. It tells the story when Polynesian people migrated from island to island paddling on and on to reach a legendary place over the horizon.


Girls: Long full skirt or blue or black pants rolled up.  Bright solid colored shirt with scarf over the shoulder, secured with safety pin. Tennis shoes or shoes appropriate for P.E.

Boys:  White short sleeved shirt with a red kerchief around the neck. Blue or black pants rolled up. Tennis shoes or shoes appropriate for PE.


Fifth Grade

Region: England                                          Dance:  North Skelton Sword Dance and Creative Dance

History: Sword dances originated in England and were popular from the 14th to 18th -centuries. This dance is still being performed today. Sword dances may have descended from the Spartan War dances.


Girls: Colorful long skirt with a white blouse, a vest or shawl is optional.

Boys: Plain white shirt with a dark-colored vest and dark blue or black jeans.


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