World Dance Festival Videos

The videos below are samples only of what the students may perform for the World Dance Festival. Letters will be sent home regarding suggested costuming. Pictures of costume suggests will be posted by the office. You may also view that letter on this website under World Dance Festival. The festival includes all grades and is held outside on the basketball courts. Volunteers to help set up the area with benches and take down will be greatly appreciated. All videos are in public domain and are meant for educational purposes.

Kindergarten РSouth America РEcuador РDance: El Juego Chirimbolo and possibly Kindergarten Reel for fun.


1st-grade – Europe – Germany – Dance: Ach Ja!

2nd-grade – Europe – British Isles – Dance: OXO Reel

3rd Grade – Europe – SW France – Gascogny Region – Dance: Los Tachos



4th-grade РAsia РPhilippians РDance: Tinikling and Oceania РTahiti РDance: Hoe Ana


5th Grade – Europe – England- Dance: North Skelton Dance

Dance Ensemble – Africa – Kenya – Dance: Nyandalo

Teacher Dance – Rock and Roll

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